Hong Kong! One of the busiest place on Earth! In this short post, I will be showing you some street foods and some places to visit. I visited Hong Kong for only one time, I must say that it is a great place for shopping! Haha. I stayed in a guesthouse somewhere near the Kowloon Park. Honestly I didn’t like the guesthouse on that area, it is a bit dirty and lots of guys who just care about money. They approach you, offer a room, get the money and done, they do not care anymore. So nextime I go to HK, I better save more money to stay in a better place, LOL.


Yapii, I arrived in the airport, Hong Kong International Airport or also colloquially known as Chek Lap Kok Airport. Changed some HKD and ready to explore the city which also known as Fragrant Harbour or Incense Harbour.


Amazing view isn’t it? So beautiful, they have show like Symphony of Lights, the buildings will have a light show something like that, some music as well. Good for couples, family, singles, loners, etc. Hehe.


They also have some performers during the night, some young adults playing music and showing their talent, a Western guy making huge bubbles which kid’s loves, and adults as well, hehe, I enjoyed watching both of them.

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These are some amazing view from the Victoria’s Peak, you could either ride a train going up the hill or ride a bus, or take a taxi, or walk if you want, but good luck on walking especially with super hot hot hot summer, if you want to get tan and burn lots of calories, why not!


So many tall buildings! The one in the left most side is one of the tallest building in HK called Two International Finance Centre or 2IFC.

I also met with my bro, we had a great time of course. Thank you!

Some local foods I tried, I forgot the names but so easy to find everywhere, especially at night, the places are packed! They are so yummy guys! So try them when you visit! I also met Andy, my local friend who brought me to nice place to eat. He is great!


Busy street!

I also visited Kowloon Park which is totally free to enter, inside you could see different floras and some birds. Look at that tram! Isn’t so cute? LOL. They got so many styles.


Famous Black Man.


That is the end, I am going to China now. While waiting for my flight, I decided to use some mask sheets which is really good for killing the time. I also want to tell everyone that HK airport is one of the best, while you’re at the city proper, you could actually just go to a major mall that is connected with the airport, form there, you can just send your luggage to the airline that you’re using. So, you do not need to carry your things or luggage with you while going to the airport, so convenient right?