Hello there! Wondering how it looks like to travel in Sri Lanka? I will be showing you some of it for my 20 days stay! Ready? Hehe~

First of all, I flew from Singapore going to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. I used SriLankan Airline. This airline is nice, the flight attendants used traditional attire I suppose. Their service is great as well. It is around 3 hours from Singapore to Sri Lanka.

They are local kids, very friendly.




If you would like to know more about Sri Lanka and Colombo, kindly follow the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sri_Lanka                                                                                 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colombo


Not much from Asian is inside the aircraft, usually from Western countries. When I arrived at Bandarnaike International Airport (Colombo), it was very hot! Immigration officers do not ask too much, it went smoothly and everyone was smiling actually. I went out from the airport and my friend is waiting for me with his green tuktuk we used for going to Negombo / Kochchikade.



On the way, I saw a unique Hindu temple, and an elephant with some chain. So, we arrived at our accommodation, it is a home-stay which is really nice because you got to know more about local things. So we did some short trip nearby cities. I will be showing you now the photos. ^..^



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This is one of their activity, riding elephant (which for me will become boring it if it will take too long time because it is too hot as well) and elephant bath which I enjoy, not so sure though about the water if it is OK.




This is my friend’s tuktuk that we are using everywhere we go. We never used a bus or train going around the country, only this tuktuk! Can you imagine that? We got lost, we got adventure, some police stopped, spend together with this tuktuk is amazing. Haha~





Sri Lankan people seems to like pearls and other type of jewelry. Just look at these, amazing isn’t it? Not so sure how much do they cost, but I think the prices are reasonable, and if you are good at talking, you could get discounted price.



We also got the chance to visit our Buddhist friend. He is a local, he showed us their temple. Learned a lot of things about Buddhism.




This is one of the large precious key for one of their temple. It is made by bronze I guess, quite heavy.




We also decided to climb up the famous Nuwara Eliya Mountain. It is 1,868 meters high, and yes, we climbed that mountain bear footed! Like I am almost giving up when we were at the middle but we still got to the top and saw a panoramic view! Unfortunately, our phones died before we got to the top, haha~ Going up is easier than going down, my knees were shaking already when we were going down because of cold temperature then hot then cold again. But we did it! Yahooooo~




This is the map of the mountain. You could see the trail, really long and curvy. Many people do not really finish it because of too high, other people needs more than one day to finish. Me and my friends started morning and came back night time like really night and dark already.



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More slides show while climbing up the mountain. Middle of night, because of too cold temperature, I started to feel lots of aching, We even just slept in an accommodation that is situated to nowhere, a bit scary but thanks God, we are safe.




I love this shot, it is so good for my eyes, looks majestic, it is a lake or something.




We do some short breaks on the way, driving tuktuk for days is not easy ha.









This is a a train station, it is still working, I think they just left the destroyed one for design? I am not sure, but the trains that is working is exactly like that. This was in Negombo / Kochchikade.





The beach’s sand is like brownish orange. The sea water is totally super salty that I could smell it, haha~ Sometimes many craws, sometimes none.




Look at this! Haha, I have seen my family name as a brand of restaurant here, LOL. Maybe the owner is my long-lost relative. Haha~


That’s it for my SL trip, I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos and reading my post.

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