17105487_120300002435419340_2085550309_nWhen I was younger, I really love to see Taiwan, because I know for sure that I could find there lots of delicious foods, bubble milk teas and lots of kind people! I have some Taiwanese friends as well and they are all kind and nice to be with. Amazing country! Taiwan gogogo!

On this blog, I will be showing you some local foods that my friend introduced to me. We also rode his friends’s motorbike for going around Hsinchu. Amazing place, clean place, lots of good things to see there! Not so popular as Taipei, but it is worthy to visit!

Taiwan, here I come. All packed. I got 12 hours lay over in Taiwan so why not explore the city! Upon reaching the Taiwan airport, I bought my bus and train ticket towards Hsinchu to visit my friend James!


Finally I met with my friend. Luckily I got WiFi connection anywhere so it was easily to chat with him. I am was so glad I didn’t get lost.


He fetched me using motorbike which is really very good experience for me because I am not used to riding motorbike. I know we are both guys, but I need to grab his waist a bit tight because I am scared to just blew by the wind, haha, if you know what I mean. LOL. These are just few places you would see in Hsinchu, so local!

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Here comes the F O O D S ^^ (Just few though T..T)


I forgot the name, but this is so delicious! It got some kind of meat inside, like pork I think, bean sprouts, some herbs and spices which is good for quick easing your hunger. By the way, the black & white bracelet that I am wearing is so cute right? Haha~


Another mouth watering delicacy that could be found in Hsinchu, Taiwan! The egg with veggies. How amazing is that? My friend is really great at introducing foods isn’t it? If you are egg lover, this is perfect! Taste is not so strong, it has mild taste.


We did not try to eat this, I just found the color cute, so I took a photo. I also do not know the name, anyone from Taiwan who is reading my post right now, please help me distinguish the names of these foods! Hehe, thank you~


Time for dessert! Ah gosh, this is perfect as it was summer, it was so hot, this icy desert is heaven, heavenly good, feels like heaven, LOL. You can see the ingredients, some iced milk, red beans, etc.


Who would not fall in love with milk tea? Is it not so amazing to drink milk tea in Taiwan? Milk tea is really famous in the country, they have thousands of milk tea stalls everywhere. My friend told me this is one of the best brands, so we tried! and yes, so yummy! That is my friend by the way, choosing what he want to drink! Haha.


If I am not mistaken, this is different brand from the one above, because I think I drunk three different brands in just one day! All are delicious!


Oh no, time to say byebye Taiwan, now at the airport eating my meal for my next looong flight.



That is my short post for my short trip to Taiwan. Not so much details / information, but enough to give those travel pumps and helps you to think of going to the country. I know you can do it to! Gogogo~

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